Transnational learning through local experimenting:

the creation of dynamic complementarities between economy and society

TRANSLEARN is an EU funded research project.

Workpackage 9: Vitalising Transnational Learning

WP Leader: Kari Lilja, Helsinki School of Economics, Contact: kari.lilja[at]



Identify the relevant messages from the comparative research and action research experiments as constitutive elements for a grounded theory of transnational learning.

Complement the lessons on transnational learning of the Nordic-Slovene research and policymaking encounters with complementary projects from a broader European context


Description of work

To construct and implement a dynamic architecture for activities and persons for the accumulation of scientific contributions and policy-relevant lessons. This is done by mobilizing researchers from parallel projects.

To identify emerging new contributions from the research and dialogues, in collaboration with WP leaders. Key results from the project are turned into papers for the Final Conference.

To lead the preparation of the Final Conference in collaboration with the Project Management Team and the Steering Committees and to form an editorial team and make a selection of papers for an edited book in consultation with the Scientific Steering Committee.

























Helsinki School of Economics