Transnational learning through local experimenting:

the creation of dynamic complementarities between economy and society

TRANSLEARN is an EU funded research project.

Workpackage 5: Case Studies Sweden: the impact of social capital and entrepreneurial drive

WP Leader: Christer Peterson, LuleŚ University of Technology, Contact:




Identifying and explaining surprising outcomes in terms of enhanced global market competitiveness in a peripheral locality dominated by a subsidiary of a multinational corporation

Investigating the role of actors, work systems, firms, owners and multilevel governance systems

Explaining the outcomes of local actors by exploring the importance of actorsí institutional and cultural resources, like professional communities, labour market dynamics, welfare and civil society


Description of work

The Swedish case studies concern a locality, which industrial characteristics are designed by MoDo, a multi-national corporation (MNC). A prosperous development during a century, had turned the local politicians into Sleeping Beauties, followed by political neglects of all kind, and by that a stagnating locality. Further, the MNC was taken over by another MNC, resulting in that R&D- and other functions were reorganised into a European matrix. The focus of the study is the formal and informal institutional and cultural resources of the locality, and the entrepreneursí drive, in collaboration, which resulted in investments in intellectual centres of different kind. Thus, currently the locality has a surprising variety of knowledge-based services.


























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