Transnational learning through local experimenting:

the creation of dynamic complementarities between economy and society

TRANSLEARN is an EU funded research project.

The overall objective of the Translearn project is to develop a road map for transnational learning for how citizens in different socioeconomic models can make experimental use of existing institutions, create new governance modes and collaborative partnerships across sectors, levels and divisions of interests. This objective will be reached through a stepwise inductive research process containing comparative cross-national analyses and multi-professional dialogues.

The project will take four Nordic countries as a point of departure, and use Slovenia as a test case for transnational learning in small new member states. These inductive lessons from small European countries will allow for the creation of new empirical and conceptual tools to compare the dynamics of change in other socioeconomic models. A comparative assessment of the Nordic countries and EU countries will finally be used to point out various possible roads to growth and job creation. The project is designed to feed simultaneously into policy processes at several national and EU levels.

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