Transnational learning through local experimenting:

the creation of dynamic complementarities between economy and society

TRANSLEARN is an EU funded research project.

Workpackage 8: Transnational Learning in Practice - the Nordic countries and Slovenia as a test case

WP Leader: Eli Moen, BI Norwegian School of Management, Contact: eli.moen[at]



Develop a large group intervention template for transnational learning

Use this template in group processes for comparing the Nordic countries and Slovenia

Provide empirical input for developing a new theory and method for transnational learning

Generate ideas and suggestions for new policies and institutions for enhancing global competitiveness


Description of work

The objective of this workpackage is to use the method of learning histories for reflection and seeking opportunities for transnational learning. For making sense of transnational learning the project will be based on the nationally and cross-nationally specific cases. This means that actors being studied, policy-makers, and scholars from Europe as well as the United States will be involved. Learning arenas are large group intervention processes where the specific cases will be presented. These will in turn be subject to expert interpretation, and cross-national scientific dialogues. At the same time this is an attempt to conduct action research on the research topics.

























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