Transnational learning through local experimenting:

the creation of dynamic complementarities between economy and society

TRANSLEARN is an EU funded research project.

Workpackage 7: Case Studies from Slovenia: Developing innovation driven economy

WP Leader: Marko Jaklic, University of Ljubljana, Contact: marko.jaklic[at]



Identifying and exploring surprising outcomes in terms of enhanced global market competitiveness in three to five companies

Investigating the role of local actors and their abilities to obtain and exploit regional and national resources in the development of the individual businesses and substitute the black holes in the national institutional setting

Explaining the outcomes by exploring the importance of:

  • Actorsí regional, national, professional communities, labor market dynamics, the welfare system and legacy of the civil society

  • Policy making tools at the local and national level


Description of work

The Slovene case will start with the report on the institutional context in Slovenia with respect to innovation and the analytical assessment of the policy centered approach in Slovenia. This report will serve as a starting information point for all actors in the phases that follow. In the next phase we will select 3-5 cases, each presenting one type, for a detailed case analysis. The idea is to show how the investigated cases relate to the institutional context. The finding of the first draft of the analysis will be presented and discussed in a Large Group Intervention in Slovenia where different social partners and policy-makers will engage in discussion and mutual exchange of views and ideas. New participants will be included in the series of large group intervention processes from the national (Slovene) and international (Nordic) context (practitioners, policy makers, researchers).


























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